Testimonies from Sponsored Students

“Elimu will be gradually expanding its reach and ability to assist more children with education through our new school sponsorship program. This project supports children identified as being at high risk of dropping out of school. “ – Nina Chung, President, Elimu

Jackson is 21 years old. He graduated high school in 2013. He quickly learned the value of his “Kenya Secondary School Education” certificate. Without one, he couldn’t even apply for the cashiers jobs at the local supermarket. In Kenya, high school graduates wait about three months for their results. That meant waiting til February for Jackson. Once he had his certificate in hand, he started seriously job hunting. Elimu assisted with fare to a job interview in Nairobi and soon Jackson was working supplying telecommunications products to small businesses around Malindi. Click here. to read more about Jackson.

Hadija is the first female in her rural village to complete high school. She has had a tumultuous life. During her last year of high school, members of her rural community were in strife. Several villages in the area were attacked. People were killed and homes were destroyed. Hadija ended up in Malindi as an internally displaced person. She had completed her high school but her results were very poor. She asked Elimu to give her a second chance in a peaceful environment to redo her last two years of high school in order to improve her marks. We did. She finished in November, 2014 with C-. She quickly got herself a contract in her home area with a government project. She hopes to continue to college in the future. Click here. to hear from Hadija herself.
Peninah graduated from Heri Ministries Sewing College in 2014 and received a new sewing machine from Elimu to help start her up in her own sewing business. Now back home in her rural village of Chakama, she uses her income to take care of her own needs and she also assists her family members with school fees and clothing. She cares for her sewing machine like a precious treasure because it has made a great difference in her life. She is a role model in her community. Click here to hear Peninah from her own workshop.
Salome is a graduate from Heri Ministries Sewing College who is now running her business at home. She graduated in 2014 and returned to her village with her new sponsored sewing machine in hand. With school ending in December, sewing graduate can almost immediately set up shop to serve their customers’ needs for Christmas and New Year’s clothing. It is a tradition if at all possible to buy children and even adults a new outfit for the holiday season. Then after the holidays, parents are in need of school uniforms for the new school year which always begins in January. It’s a good time for graduates to be starting their businesses. Salome has also taken on a student and is now passing on the benefits of her own learning to another young woman in her village. Click here to here Salome’s joy at her achievements.
Another victim of the violent tribal clashes of 2013, Salad fled to Malindi to escape the danger with many other members of his village. He was in his second year of high school then and at risk of losing the year. Elimu stepped in to assist by placing him in a local Malindi high school. He completed his studies in 2014 and returned to his family, where he now manages his father’s herds.