“Stay in School” Sponsorship Project

Our founder began assisting a few kids on a small scale as she learned the lessons needed about how to support children in their existing home settings. In 2013, Elimu decided to take this on as a pilot project. We are now officially adding our Stay in School Sponsorship Project to our roster of projects.

This project assists children living with a caregiver who is willing and able to provide for their daily needs but who cannot provide for their schooling. In Kenya, there are several good programs sponsoring children who achieve very high marks (80% and above). But many worthy kids fall through the cracks because for various reasons they don’t perform at that level. These sponsorship will go to average students who show a sincere commitment to their schooling and also have the potential to succeed.

Sponsorships may be long or short-term as needed. Valid reasons for assistance include illness or loss of a job of the parent or guardian. The children continue to live with their caregiver throughout.

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With our Stay in School project, each individual situation is unique. School fees and other expenses vary depending on the type of school.

Nursery school fees can be as little as $45 per year, that’s $15 per term.
Primary school with boarding costs from $300 - $500 per year; or $100 - $170 per term.
High school with boarding costs from $500 -$900 per year; or $130 - $300 per term.
Two full sets of high school uniforms cost around $125.
Boarding supplies and books for one student cost around $200 per year.
$25 buys one pair of school shoes.
A new math set for one child is less than $2.

Prices are based on an average conversion of Kenyan shillings to Canadian dollars and on 2013 prices.

Public primary day schools have no tuition fees but there are admission fees, exam fees and various expenses can arise (for example parents often share in the cost of repairs or new developments at school).

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