Nyumbani Kwetu Home for Children

Today Nyumbani Kwetu provides education and housing for 14 children, all related through one grandmother. They live in a comfortable rented house. All living expenses, medical care, child care and schooling is handled by Elimu.

Nyumbani Kwetu means “our place”. These children do not see themselves as orphans. They are a family “team”. Rather than cutting family ties, which happens with official children’s homes, family members stay involved. The two housemothers are actual relatives of the children. The grandmother plays her part. Extended family members have also played their roles. Collectively they provide family heritage and carry on important traditions, while Elimu provides good quality education and a stable and healthy living environment for the children to grow their self-esteem, confidence and physical and mental health.

Before, Elimu these children were regularly undernourished; today they get a good daily portion of healthy local fare. Before Elimu schooling was irregular and poor quality; today they are in a variety of good quality private and public schools with the additional support of teachers who provide tutoring and mentoring. Before chronic health issues plagued some of the children; today regular medical care and proper hygiene are keeping these kids healthy and active.

In the five years since our founder got involved, the children have all grown in confidence and have gained a great sense of who they are. We believe our goals are being met of each child becoming a self-reliant and independent individual.

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Your support helps us to keep these children healthy and in school.

High school (boarding) fees per child start at $900 per year.
Stationary & textbook for 14 children - $700 per year; or $50 per child.
Primary school fees per child start at $300 per year.
A supply of bathing soap for a year is around $130.
One year supply of toothpaste costs $40.
One school uniform costs $25.
One pair of socks for school for one child is less than $2.

Prices are based on an average conversion of Kenyan shillings to Canadian dollars and on 2013 prices.

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