Where We Work - Images from Our Environment

Elimu is based in Malindi, Kenya. The children we serve are from town or from the surrounding areas. Malindi lies on the Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya. It is 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa. Though much smaller than Mombasa, it is the largest urban centre in Kilifi County. Below are some photos from the areas we serve. We hope these will give you some idea of our environment. We will update these photos from time to time so keep checking back.

Malindi Beach Image 01

Malindi is located on the Indian Ocean.. Here fishermen take their boats out for fishing very early in the morning and come back with their catch to sell to the locals.

Flooded River, Sabaki

Image 02

This is Sabaki River full of water. It drains to the sea from the highlands. During the rainy season it is full and dangerous at some points. Other places it floods. Crocodiles and hippos are found in these waters.

Open Market

Image 03

Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually sold in open markets in Malindi. You can buy a piece or a whole fruit or vegetable like cabbage or pineapple. Others are weighed in kilos like kales or green beans. Fruits are only available during their season.


Local Taxi for Less than $1

Image 04

This is a typical public transport motorcycle. It's locally known as Bodaboda (from the word border). It costs less than a dollar to travel to a point within the town centre.


Image 05These fishermen are mending their net. Fishing is done mostly at night or early morning. Daytime is for selling and mending nets and boats.

Fetching water at the river

Image 06

These children are risking fetching water at Sabaki River. There is a risk of contamination of the water since its flowing from the highlands, along the way it collects silt, dirt and refuse from farms upriver.

A Sidewalk Business

Image 07

Most areas of Malindi have these temporary structures that are extended from the main building. These are income generators for the owners and a cheaper option for customers.They sell everything from buckets and pots, to rice or clothing.

Long Distance Transport.

Image 08

For those travelling long distace maybe from Malindi to the capital City, Nairobi, they use big buses to travel the more than ten hours--mostly overnight when its not so hot.